Our Story


Based in Kedong Valley along the edge of the Great Rift Valley escarpment in Kenya. We are an independent brewery with a goal to produce the best craft beer we can. All hand forged in Kenya using only natural ingredients while running on 100% renewable energy.

From the beginning we have brewed all our beers using biofuel. Our electrical energy is sourced from geothermal power. All our bottles are returnable and used multiple times to ensure minimal waste. Our bottles are washed using heat from a biomass boiler. Our spent grain is fed to rescued animals at our animal shelter. Craft beer can give back too.

We also protect thousands of acres of forest and are reforesting areas that have been damaged by excessive grazing and hacking.


We do things with dedication and without doubt.

We avoid gimmicks and don’t follow beer fashion for the sake of fashion. We find it easy to brew loud brash beers but see a beautiful challenge in brewing balanced beers where the raw materials compliment each other and are in harmony. We are our own biggest critics and constantly strive to achieve our perfection. No craft beer is ever perfect, it means that we are in a process of continuous improvement and evolution..


We are a community bound by the love of beer.

Uniting the world one beer at a time..

We are stocked all over Kenya and have our tap rooms at The Sarit Centre, Village Market and Nairobi Street Kitchen. You can try out a range of new craft beer straight from our brewery.

Animal welfare

You might assume that all beer is vegan. Despite being brewed from plant-based ingredients, many beers are clarified using ‘finings’ of animal origin (gelatine from cows and pigs and issinglass from fish bladders). In addition, lactose is often used to build body in stouts and beers...but not ours!

Instead, we store our beers far longer than the industry standard, giving the yeast and protein sufficient time to naturally settle out and then in some of our beers we use state of the art clarification that means we use zero animal products at any point in our production.